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Hey, I'm Andrés!

I am currently a Software Engineer at Waltz Health, where I work on a data platform to help people save money with their prescriptions.

I'm interested in data platforms, machine learning, and statistics.

I love tinkering with productivity tooling and have built a set of Rust CLI tools to manage my daily tasks, take notes, and record my thoughts from the command line.

Previous work

  • I worked at Facebook's privacy and safety team; we led A/B tests to help improve the platform's safety in emerging regions (India, Vietnam)
  • I worked at Shelf Engine building machine learning models to forecast grocery volumes; the platform seeked to predict inventory to reduce waste
  • I started a company called CTRL.golf to help golfers improve their club swing with machine learning.



  • [look] a Rust CLI search engine for your notes
  • [mente] a static wiki engine built in Rust
  • [todoer] a Rust CLI tool to capture tasks from your terminal
  • [hmm] a Rust CLI tool to capture your thoughts from the terminal
  • [ankify] a Go CLI tool to build anki cards with the Open AI API

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